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Position Trading: Building the Winning Long-Term Strategy


Blog Education Feature articles Fundamental reviews

Here is the long-awaited finale of the Trading Strategies cycle, concluding with a long-term strategy overview. Some say it is the easiest style, too often chosen by newbies who end up ruining their fortunes. Others say that positional trading is the way of the wise, those with a knowledge …

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Why Should You Choose Swing Trading Strategy?


Blog Education Feature articles Technical reviews

Previously, we gave an overview of different trading strategies and then dove deeper into the types of day trading, of which there are many. Now, before we move on to position trading, which is still synonymous with investing in common sense, we would like to refresh your awareness …

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Keys to Profitable Day Trading


Blog Education

In the previous article we discussed the characteristics of scalping as a trading strategy. Today it is time for us to discuss a more general and broader term, but a much less troublesome trading style (some would disagree). Why traders' attitudes to day trading vary so much, and how to …

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All About Scalping: Tips for Profit-Generating Strategy


Blog Education Feature articles

The relaunch of your most favourite article series began last week with an overview of the variety of trading styles. One by one, we will look on each one in more detail. Today, it’s time to recall the pros and cons of scalping, a strategy that can bring you quick …

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GC Invest for Money Managers: More Profits from Copy Trading


Blog Company news Contests Feature articles Managed accounts

The previous article in this series briefly introduced the benefits of the GC Invest service for individual traders. Let us remind the definition of ‘copy trading’: copy trading is a system of automatic trade execution, a cutting-edge trading and investment service, user-friendly and flexible in operation. Today, finally, it is …

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How to Choose the Profitable Trading Strategy for You?


Blog Feature articles

Last week has been full of major events, each of which has shaped the market in one way or another. In this relaxing weekday read, we want to refresh your knowledge of trading strategies: different styles of trading can be used to take advantage of different market conditions, and each …

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Trading With ChatGPT: How to Make Money Using AI


Feature articles

The moment a new technology evolves, there immediately appear those dreaming to apply it to trading on stock markets, speculating with Forex, etc. Profitable trading is a matter of skill, information, and, to some extent, luck. So, can artificial intelligence (AI) beat human’s at some point? Is ChatGPT that very …

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GC Invest for Investors: How to Profit Without Trading Experience


Blog Feature articles

In the preceding article, we dwelled on the notion of copy trading and how it operates. Briefly: copy trading is a system of automatic coping of trades, a cutting-edge trading and investment service, user-friendly and flexible in operation. It’s time today to explain, what are the benefits of GC …

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How Copy Trading Helps to Profit Even If You Are a Newbie


Feature articles

Trading has always been associated with risk, and for good reason: even professionals, who have been trading for decades, keep making mistakes here and there. Even if you decide to start learning how to trade right now, and start making your first deals, it will take years (at least) until …

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Welcome the Grand Capital Cup - Brand New Tournament for Traders


Company news Contests

The Grand Capital broker is introducing a new format of trader’s contests: the monthly Grand Capital Cup Tournament.

As promised, we revised the competition’s concept: one contest instead of four, it becomes harder to win, but the First Prize is much more attractive too.

Build your unique strategy, try …

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