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Copy trading platform

Copy from the best!


Total profitability

Interna 12

1526.18 %

Gunn GNR

126.54 %


67.34 %

Top traders from around the world:

  • A large community of conservative and aggressive traders - the choice is yours
  • High returns, low commissions
  • Flexible risk management
  • Copy multiplier
  • Manage your profits
Copy trades

Investment portfolio

Invest in the best!

Ready-made portfolios

12 mo profitability


410 %


255 %


2 425 %


750 %

Make money with minimum effort:

  • Invest in blue chips. Shares of major companies.
  • Custom investment portfolios
  • Profit management
  • Risk diversification across various sectors
  • Ability to form a portfolio to suit any budget
  • 20% collateral of the contract value
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Comparison of investment services

Copy trading
Investment portfolio
Minimum budget
Minimum budget $100
Minimum budget $1000
Trading instruments
Trading instruments Any (currencies, stocks, metals, commodities, indices, goods), depends on the strategy
Trading instruments Stocks, indices, metals
Trading platform
Trading platform Copy trading
Trading platform MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Risk diversification
Risk diversification Yes. Possibility to invest into different strategies, set any copying ratios, set limits for profit and loss.
Risk diversification Yes. Portfolios are formed monthly based on the analysis of large amounts of data. Balanced assets allow to maximize the profit with minimum risks.
See example
Learning curve
Learning curve Easy
Learning curve Medium
Independent trading
Independent trading No
Independent trading Independent placing and closing of trades
Investing In trading strategies
Investing In market assets
Ranking See
For whom
For whom Everyone
For whom Everyone
Expected first profit
Expected first profit Next day after the investment
Expected first profit Portfolios are designed for periods of 1–6 months, and although the first profit may be visible on the next day, it’s recommended to wait at least 1 month to maximize your profit
Expected yield
Expected yield Depends on the strategy, see rating.
Expected yield On the average, 15–25% per month, request a portfolio
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