GC Invest

Invest in the strategies of professional traders and earn passive income


How the service works

  • You choose a manager and invest in their trading strategy

  • The manager trades with their funds, and the service automatically copies their trades

  • The manager earns, and you earn too

GC Invest is the easiest and most reliable way to earn on investments

  • Best Managers

    Each trader we connect to the managers' rating has passed the selection process and proven its effectiveness.

  • Availability

    You can connect to the manager and receive income from investments with a deposit of at least 100 USD.

  • Transparency

    All data on transactions and the movement of funds are always available in your Private Office in real-time.

  • Risk control

    The rating includes aggressive strategies with a return of 100% per month and conservative ones with a return of 20-30% per annum.

Managers’ fee

Managers’ fee

Managers provide access to copy their trades in exchange for a commission on the investor's profits.

Each manager sets the commission's size in the range of 0% to 70%.

The manager's remuneration is calculated according to the High-Water Mark (HWM) system: The manager receives remuneration from the net profit earned for the investor.

How to become an investor and start earning

  • Register, verify your account, and open an "Invest" account in your Private Office

  • Select a manager from the rating and go to the profile of their trading strategy

  • In the manager's strategy profile, click "invest" and select the investment amount

  • The manager's trades are now automatically copied, and the profit is credited to the balance of the investment strategy. Success!

Become an investor

Choose your manager

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  • How to start investing?

    Register and verify your account.
    Go to the "Investments" section and click the "Become an investor" button.
    This will automatically create an Invest account. Replenish it with an amount of 100 USD or more.
    Then choose a manager from the rating and invest in their strategy.

  • What is the minimum amount for investment?

    The minimum investment amount is 100 USD.
  • How quickly will I make a profit, and how much will I earn?

    You will receive a profit as soon as the manager closes the first trade with a profit.
    The higher the income of the manager, the greater your profit.
  • How to choose a strategy?

    Open the rating of managers and set filters. Please choose the most interesting strategies for you from the resulting list and go to their profile. Check out the detailed statistics of each of the strategies and connect to the one that seems to be the most profitable for you.

    Please note:
    A high-profit strategy in a short period is not always good. Often small but stable profitability can be more promising.

    Remember that risk is often directly proportional to potential profit — the riskier the strategy, the more profit it can bring in the short and medium term.
  • Can I invest in multiple strategies at the same time?

    Yes, you can.

    This is how you diversify your investments. Diversification is one of the ways to minimize risks.

    If you have chosen only one strategy and the manager has a series of unsuccessful transactions, this is entirely reflected in your income.

    If you invest in several strategies and one of them does not live up to expectations, your losses will not be so severe as profits from investments in other strategies will most likely offset them.
  • How to track the progress of an investment?

    All trades of the manager, both current and closed ones, can be tracked in the strategy history (“History of Operations” option).
  • Do I transfer my money to the manager?

    No. All money remains with you and is used only to copy the manager's transactions.
    The manager trades only their funds.
  • How much will I pay the manager?

    Each manager sets their commission in the amount of 0% to 70%. It is charged only on the net profit of the strategy.

    The manager can change the commission. The service automatically notifies all investors about the change. The new commission value will be calculated from the beginning of the next trading period.
  • Can I copy the trades of a manager whose balance is higher/lower than mine?

    Yes. Trades are copied to your account with an automatically set copy ratio (see section “Are managers and investors risks balanced?”).

    If the manager's balance exceeds yours, the trade will be copied to your account on a reduced scale, and vice versa. In this case, the size of the transaction cannot be less than 0.01 lot.
  • Are the risks for managers and investors balanced?

    The potential profit and risk levels are equalized for investors and managers due to the copy ratio.

    The copy ratio is a ratio that is automatically set when investing in a strategy. It consists of the ratio of investment funds to funds in the strategy.


    A manager with a balance of 10,000 USD opens a deal with a volume of 1 lot. If a user invests 1000 USD in their strategy, then all future transactions will be copied to the investor's account with a coefficient of 0.1 lot.

    If the investment is less than 100 USD, the service will not copy the trade since the minimum trade volume will not be reached, taking into account the coefficient (minimum 0.01 lot).

    Please note:

    The manager can trade in volumes close to the minimum. Therefore, not all transactions may be copied when investing an amount less than the balance of such a strategy.
  • Can an investor interfere in trading?

    Investors see all open and closed transactions in the Private Office. But they cannot interfere in trade.

    An investor can disconnect from the strategy only if there are open positions and only before the close of the trading session. When the account is disconnected from the manager's strategy, all open positions on the investor's account are automatically closed at current prices.

    When all transactions are closed before the official end of the trading period, the High-water mark check is initialized.

    If, as a result of the check, the system calculates a commission that the investor must pay to the manager for profitable trades, it is automatically deducted from the investor's funds and transferred to the author of the strategy. The remaining funds go to the investor's Invest account.
  • Will the service suspend the manager’s strategy after it becomes lossy?

    If the overall profitability of the manager's strategy turns out to be negative over time, then the strategy will disappear from the rating. New investors will not be able to connect to it.

    If your manager's strategy becomes unprofitable, you will need to disconnect from him in your Private Office manually.
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