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0.0 (+14.33%)
Supply/demand: 39156/39167
Day range: /
Spread: -
Close: 39157.4220
Open: 39157.4220
Supply/demand: 39156/39167
Day range: /
Spread: 0.0
Close: 39157.4220
Open: 39157.4220
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Dow Jones Industrial Average is an important stock market index created by Charles Dow, the Wall Street Journal editor and a co-founder of Dow Jones & Company. The index value equals to the sum of the share prices of each included company divided by a special factor.
The list of components is subject to change, companies are included or excluded depending on their stocks’ performance on the exchange.
Among the companies included in the DJIA are such market giants as Boeing, AT&T, Caterpillar, Inc, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Intel, Microsoft, McDonald's, Nike, Visa and others. The value of the index highly depends on oil quotes and the US foreign policy.
It is believed that the index is very amenable to analytics because of its long history on the stock exchange.

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